Optimize your email campaigns
in 30 seconds
This email-focused reporting dashboard delivers one-to-one subscriber analyses, providing you with actionable insight to create a more engaging email program
Email reporting has never been easier
Seamlessly connect
to your ESP
Be up and ready in seconds
Advanced charts and
Create advanced reports that slice and dice your data in every possible way
Understand how each subscriber interacts with your email campaigns
What is the Touchstone Dashboard?
This is a reporting tool that plugs directly into your ESP and Marketing Cloud and analyses your email program to help you drive engagement and revenue up.
How do I get setup?
You can be up and running in less than 30 seconds. Touchstone will connect to your ESP via API and do all the hard work behind the scenes.
One-to-One reporting
Whether you send one thousand or one billion emails per year, Touchstone provides a unique understanding of how each subscriber interacts with your campaigns
Finally, an email-first reporting dashboard!

Integrates seamlessly with your ESP

Advanced metrics and KPIs built specifically for email

Connects to multiple data sources for powerful omnichannel analyses

Filter, drill-down and slice your data every way you want

One-to-one subscriber engagement analyses

Study the effect of email on other channels or in-store revenue

Compatible with all platforms
We will automatically load all your data behind-the-scenes and provide an entirely seamless experience





Marketing Cloud

The dashboard is compatible with all marketing platforms
If your marketing platform is not fully integrated within the dashboard, a Data Wizard will guide you through a simple data upload process
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